The Grindon League was founded in 1933, it was mainly aimed at smaller private clubs in the town with the aim to encourage workers to take up a sport.

There were five founder members - Grindon Mill, West End Mechanics, Wearmouth, Vaux and Sunderland Echo with all the league fixtures played on the two greens at Wearmouth plus Grindon Mill.

The first League winners were Wearmouth and it was a feat they repeated on another three occasions up to 1937.

In 1939 the outbreak of the Second World War saw the league suspend play with Wearmouth & Sunderland Echo locked together at the top.

The League continued to expand after the war and in 1951 Albert Powley donated £10 for the purchase of a trophy hence the Powley Pairs was created.

Iin 1953 Grindon Mill notched a rare clean sweep by winning the league title, the rinks competition and the new Powley Pairs titles.

The Sevenities and Eighties were always thought to be the leagues finest years as many of the towns top players competed, the league boasted 18 teams and the increased popularity saw extra competition's introduced - a Triples and Double Fours joined the Powley Pairs - the Double Fours was eventually named after Tommy Thompson who during the League's glory years was known as Mr Grindon League.

Sadly like everything else things started to slide, work teams began to rely on external members and eventually the like of Coles Cranes, Thompson's, Pyrex and Laings all disappeared as industries closed, Dawdon dropped out in 2017 and Pennywell 2018.

The total of number of clubs left in the league today is down to 11 with only the Tommy Thompson Double Fours of the extra competitions still being competed for.

Current list of clubs
Barnes West End Grindon Mill Houghton Dairy Lane Hylton Colliery Welfare
New Herrington Ryhope CA Silksworth South Hylton
Usworth Wearmouth Whitburn  



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