21st April 2015 – E-Mail to Sunderland Councillors

Exactly two years ago on 21st April 2013 Sunderland Indoor Bowling Club delivered its final bowl at the now levelled Crowtree Leisure Centre. Twelve months ago we sent out an e-mail to the full Council detailing the clubs position so we thought it would be worthwhile sending out another e-mail to give an update on our current position but more importantly to make councillors aware and that the clubs plight isn’t brushed under the carpet. To be brutally honest the search for an alternate venue continues to frustrate, in July 2014 club officials did look at the old Bingo site on Southwick..... read more

30th October 2014 - Councils Reply to Ice Rink Question

Below is a copy of the reply we have received from the Council regarding our query about the Ice Rink, sadly it is what we expected them to say although the so called redeveloping it into a coffee and eatery looks like it was a none starter so yet another bum steer from the council.
“When we last met you enquired about the potential of the Club occupying the former ice rink section of the Crowtree building... read more.

5th October 2014 - Club Statement on latest progress

Club officials M.Davis, M.Milner, R.Mckie, P.Thomson attended another meeting with Council Representatives on Monday 29th September at Jack Crawford House.
The club confirmed it had looked at the old Savoy site on Southwick green but after a site visit it was deemed to small and the amount of work involved in the project would most probably mean a complete rebuild of the site. Again the council confirmed there were no council owned properties big enough for our.... read more

5th October 2014 - Councils Bowls Participation Report

Note: This report has been compiled by Sunderland City Council with statistics from the Tyne & Wear Sport regional office..... read more

20th May 2014 - E-Mail to Club Members

Hello everyone and here is an update from a meeting that took place between club officials and council representatives on 6th May 2014.
Sadly I wish was the bearer of good news but this latest meeting followed the same trend as previous meetings.
The council confirmed (as per our request) that they had approached four prospective leisure services partners more

15th April 2014 - E-Mail to Club Members

Prior to the full Council meeting on Thursday 27th March we sent the following e-mail to all 75 elected Councillor's in Sunderland - this means that every club members Ward Councillor is aware of our situation, we also got Councillor George Howe to raise a question on our behalf at the same meeting. The response at the meeting from Councillor Spedding was "'that the Council is still looking into the situation" more

13th April 2014 - E-Mail to Sunderland Councillors

The following e-mail was sent to ALL the elected Councillors in Sunderland to try and get the clubs plight back on the councils radar.
In 1977 when Crowtree Leisure Centre was erected, the inclusion of an eight rink indoor bowls facility gave the bowling fraternity within Sunderland an ideal opportunity to form an indoor bowling club. Working alongside Mr Denis Hinds the end result saw Sunderland Indoor Bowling Club being formed.... read more

10th December 2013 - Club Statement on latest progress

Prior to a meeting with the council in December 2012 club officials looked into the costs involved in removing and storing the wood floor, underlay and carpet out of Crowtree, the cost of uplifting and relying was in the region of £28,000 plus the cost of storage would go on top of that. The likely hood was that only 75% of the wood floor would be reusable so the club officials decided that in the clubs interest the costs involved were not deemed practical..... read more

16th September 2013 - Club Statement on latest progress

Club officials met with Council Representatives at Jack Crawford House. The meeting began with the council representatives asking the club how things were progressing, the club secretary gave an overview of the premises that had been found, one of the premises that was a suitable size and location was already being redeveloped into a Ten Pin Bowling Alley.... read more

1st August 2013 - Club Statement on latest progress

As the outdoor season is now entering the second half we thought it was time to bring everyone up to speed with the developments so far in our quest for a new venue.
First of all the clubs officials would like to thank everyone who attended the clubs farewell at Crowtree Leisure Centre on 21st April. It was a moving and sad occasion for everyone connected with the club. The following two days were spent removing all the clubs equipment and organizing where to store everything..... read more

1st July 2013 - Club Statement on latest progress

Club officials met Council representatives on the 2nd July, having come out of the previous meeting somewhat deflated any glimmer of light from this meeting would be a bonus. The club officials have felt that the council representatives have been of the opinion that as a club we couldn't sustain our own venue due to a lack of income, therefore over the last couple of weeks the club have prepared..... read more

16th February 2013 - Details of Club Members Meeting

Following the local council’s decision to close Crowtree Leisure Centre the Sunderland Indoor Bowling Club held an emergency meeting with it members on Saturday to discuss its future.
“The turn-out was tremendous, although the atmosphere was one of deflation it was a very positive meeting” said club.... read more



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