Roker Marine won the F.E.Burkett Shield on the Herrington Workmen’s after beating Houghton Sports Complex BC 15-13 in a closely contested final. Marine skip Albert Anderson delivered a great shot with his last wood at the last end to bring victory to the Roker club. Anderson had done the same thing in the quarters and semi’s on the Silksworth green, where Brian Rutherford, of Houghton S.C playing as skip was also in excellent form.
At Silksworth, Marine beat Steve Jones, Jim Lambert and Mike Davis in the quarters. Jones is rapidly gaining a reputation as the most promising youngster seen for a long time and his club Barnes Park are delighted.
In the semi finals Marine defeated another Barnes Park side in Jim Humphrey, Eric James and Martin Goldsmith. The Roker Marine team was Jack Nevin, Tom Smith and Albert Anderson. Ernie Peacock played as sub in the quarter final.

Ryhope CA veteran Joe Hall has won the club championship for the tenth time – a wonderful acheievement at the age of 74. In the final he defeated George Simpson 21-19 after trailing 18-6.

Durham County are through to the semi finals of the National Top Four competition, where the winners receive £1,200. Durham are represented by last season’s fours champions, Ian Lambert, Richard Mckie, Jim Lambert and Mike Davis of Barnes Park BC. They beat Derbyshire and Yorkshire at Pocklington and in the quarters defeated Leicester at Nottingham. In the semi final Durham will meet a Hampshire four skippered by Peter Line whose wife recently won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games. The other semi final is between Northumberland and Somerset who have David Bryant as skip, the games will be played at Worthing.

At Boldon, Jim Wilson won the club championship for the second successive season by beating Bill Bewick in the final.

On Tuesday Grindon Mill beat Hylton CW in the Tommy Thompson Double Fours 46-26. Ths followed Grindon’s success on Sunday when they defeated Roker Marine in the Vaux Double Triples 49-23 to enter the section finals.

Tomorrow Grindon Mill stage their Annual Invitation Tournament when 32 teams from Sunderland & District take part in a one day knock out competition for the Presidents Cup plus prize money, this event is not sponsored. Play starts at 9.30am and the early draw is -:
Wearmouth v Services, Thompson Park v Hylton Colliery B, Hylton Colliery A v Barnes West End A, Herrington Workmen A v Mowbray, Pennywell B v Barnes Park B, Usworth v LNER B
Play continues throughout the day with the final starting at 6.30pm approx

Ryhope CA at present bottom of the Earl Cup Division One pulled off a great win over high flying Grindon Mill who are in second position in the Earl, Swan and Grindon Leagues. On Monday Ryhope looked far too good to be in such a lowly position and although Grindon won on two rinks and drew on a third they lost heavily on the fourth rink where former Grindon player Albert Amos playing as skip was the chief architect of Grindon’s defeat.

There is no stopping county president Dennis Shaw’s team at present and their latest victims were the Durham County Women’s BA side at Vane Tempest where the president’s side won on all six rinks.
Details (Presidents names first)
WS.Ferry, W.Sykes, EJ.Forster, KW.Sykes 29-22 N.Tinnion, M.Aspinall, A.Guille, F.Cowling
J.Scott, R.Anderson, J.Haley, E.Davis 23-14 I.Harker, A.Charlton, E.Walles, J.Whitfield
H.Davison, J.Laidler, R.Parsons, W.Watson 27-20 M.Pendlebury, A.Drysdale, R.Peter, M.Gargett
D.Draper, L.Gordon, T.Burt, C.Johnston 19-15 S.Kitching, W.Lamb, H.Smithson, D.Wright
T.Mowett, D.Shaw, J.Maddison, DG.Bell 28-15 R.Airey, F.McNamara, D.Rewcastle, M.Bousefield
A.Gunner, D.Higgins, F.Cowling, B.Sewell 22-19 A.Anderson, R.Gordon, M.Clark, T.Hull
President 148-105 Durham County WBA

Rolls Royce scored a memorable victory over Hylton CW in the Jim Brown Triples at Hylton when the strongly fancied Hylton triple of Ken Lewis, Jim Lambert and John Thurlbeck lost 18-15 to R.Graham, J.McKenzie and D.Morgan after an extra end.

Earl Cup Division 1
Barnes Park 9-51½, Grindon Mill 9-47, Hylton CW 9-45, Houghton DL 9-41, Barnes WE 9-38, Roker Marine 9-37½, Herrington WMC 9-36½, Pemberton 9-26½, Silksworth 9-23½, Services 9-22, Washington 9-21½, Chester le St 9-21, Roker Park 9-17½, Ryhope CA 9-12½

Earl Cup Division 2
Hetton Park 8-44, LNER 7-41, Wearmouth 8-39, Sunderland 9-33½, Usworth 9-33, Pennywell 7-32, Barley Mow 8-25, Mowbray 8-24, Thorney Close 9-24, North Biddick 8-21½, Thompson Park 9-21½, Boldon 8-17½, Whitburn 8-15

Swan Cup Division 1
Herrington WMC 11-58½, Grindon Mill 11-56, Pyre 11-48½, Chester le St 11-46, Pemberton 11-44, Seaham 10-39, Thompson Park 10-39, Roker Marine 11-35½, Hetton Park 9-32, Barnes Park 11-31, Pennywell 10-31, Boldon 11-30, Ryhope CA 10-27½, Houghton DL 10-27, LNER 10-26, North Biddick 11-15

Storey Bowl
LNER 7-36, Lumley 7-30½, Hylton CW 7-29½, Seaham park 7-29½, Thompson Park 8-27, Barley Mow 6-22½, Roker Marine 6-21, Wearmouth 6-19½, Pennywell 7-11½, Shotton 7-11         




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