24th February 2018 - MIXED WEEK FOR SENIORS

It has been a mixed week for the three Houghton senior squads as the latest round of league fixtures were played. In Area 2 Houghton Gilpin’s hopes of ending their campaign by recording a first win of the season at winless South Shields were dashed as the hosts ran out 5-0 winners to leave Gilpin bottom of the group, sadly we don’t have any rink scores available.

There was better news in Area 3 as Houghton Sancroft returned through the Tyne Tunnel 4-1 winners over The Parks B, George Brown, Tony Wood, David Wright and John Jones were always in command against Billy Blyth and ran out 16-11 winners this despite dropping a last end five. Joe Sutherland, Brian Race, David Sim and Terry Todd collected back to back singles to defeat Colin Boyle 13-12 while Peter Thomson (snr), Bobby Usher, Trevor Joicey and Frankie Froud will be kicking themselves as they let slip a 10-5 lead to succumb 11-10 to R.Harrison, overall however Sancroft finished 39-34 up and will complete their season at home against Gateshead A this week.
In Area 4 Houghton Kepier’s hopes of a first win were dashed at home and despite putting in a decent performance the former play off winners The Parks A ran out 44-31 winners. The only Kepier winning rink came from George Noble, D.Armstrong, Keith Hembrough and Bob Pattinson who despite a late scare held on for a cracking 15-13 win over M.Groundwater. Bill Barkes quartet of P.Taylor, Tom Baister and Stan Barnes only scored on three of the thirteen ends played as Michael London ran out a 19-8 winner while Tony Grimes, W.Wells, Alan Glover and Bob Johnson were beaten 16-8 by J.Davies which was altered to 12-8 as Davies played a man short. The Kepier squad have one final crack at notching their first win as they head to Gateshead B next week.
Latest Seniors Standings
Area 1 – Darlington 8-30, Great Aycliffe 7-24½, Spennymoor 8-21, Durham 7-8, Shildon 6-6
Area 2 – Hartlepool A 7-31, Darlington B 8-28, Ferryhill 7-22, South Shields 8-7, Houghton Gilpin 8-6
Area 3 – Stanley 7-30½, South Shields 7-23½, Gateshead A 7-15½, Houghton Sancroft 7-16, Parks B 7-2
Area 4 – Hartlepool B 7-30, Parks A 8-25½, Durham B 6-19, Gateshead B 6-6½, Houghton Kepier 7-4

There has been more action in the local stages of the national competitions, in the triples area final there was disappointment for the Shield’s trio of Mal Peach, Gary Farquhar and David Bolt, up against Hartlepool’s Jonny Forcer, Colin Boston and Paul Mosley at Durham the Shield’s trio clawed their way back to12-12 with four ends to play this after trailing 10-5, however Bolt’s hopes slipped away as Mosley scored on all four of the remaining ends to win 19-12 and book a place in the latter stages in March at Melton Mowbray. There was however better news for the Shield’s trio in the fours area final played at Aycliffe, with Phil Dixon making up the quartet the Shield’s rink were always just ahead against Hartlepool’s Paul Hartley before eventually pulling away to record a cracking 20-10 win. Gateshead’s Ronnie Richardson booked an area final place in the Over 60’s singles with a 21-8 win over club mate Brian Orrell, in the area final Aycliffe’s Peter Barion will provide the opposition after defeating Redcar’s John Selley 21-10. In the Over 60 pairs Gateshead’s Brian Poulter narrowly went out 18-17 at Stanley against Brian Houghton, in the area final Houghton will face Aycliffe’s Fred Edwards. The Over 50’s triples area final will see Hartlepool’s Dale Oram face Stanley’s Brett Arkley this after Arkley’s 17-6 win over West Denton’s Peter Duffy. In the family pairs Shaun and Ian McIntosh booked an area final place with an impressive 16-12 win at Durham over Carl and Mark Higgins, in the area final the Shield’s brothers will face Thornaby’s Bryn Mosley. Next season there will be a change to the Area 2 draw layout, currently the entries in the Northern section outweigh the south section leaving an imbalance on the number of games each section plays, next season the section with the larger number of entries will be allocated a larger part of the draw which should even up the number of games.

In the Inter County league, promotion chasing South Shields will be looking to maintain their unbeaten campaign in Division 2 as they face Gateshead tomorrow in a rearranged game.
At Shields – M.Maher, P.Hart, F.Knubley, A.Lawton, M.Baker, E.Weightman, S.Hubbard, I.McIntosh
At Gateshead – S.Baker, T.Giles, P.Brickle, J.Sneller, W.Upsall, M.Carr, K.Taylor, P.Sainthouse

Latest Division Two Standings – Gt Aycliffe 5-35, South Shields 3-26, Gateshead A 3-21, Stanley 3-15, Dunelm 4-14, Ferryhill 3-9, Shildon 3-0 
Next round of fixtures March 4 - Great Aycliffe v Gateshead A, Stanley v Shildon, Dunelm v South Shields

Following Houghton Gilpin’s fielding of an illegal player in last month’s Inter Club game against The Parks the County Association have stripped Gilpin of the four points earned during the game and awarded The Parks a 10-0 win, this drops Gilpin into the second relegation place and makes their next game against bottom of the table Darlington a must win. Sadly also during that game there was an exchange of views that were more worthy of the school playground than a bowling green and following an investigation by the Houghton club the talented youngster Brian Henderson (jnr) has regrettably had his club membership at Houghton terminated while Kepier’s Jimmy McAdoo has been suspended from any future Inter club games and club competitions.
Men’s Inter County Amended Standings
Division One - Hartlepool 4-29½, Durham A 3-26, Gateshead B 3-22, Houghton Kepier 5-16½, The Parks 4-15, Houghton Gilpin 4-14, Darlington 3-7

Next  round of fixtures March 4 - Darlington v Houghton Gilpin, Gateshead B v Durham, Hartlepool v The Parks

 Premier Top Ten Latest Standings – Durham 4-30, Darlington 4-28, Houghton 5-18, Ferryhill 4-17, Stanley 3-7

With the City of Sunderland’s search for an alternate venue now nearing four fruitless years and the club operating in name only the club is looking for some feedback, it is requesting everyone who was a member at the time of closure and any former club member to visit the  website where they can submit feedback to three questions.

There was more success for Durham’s Gary Smith, partnering Carlisle’s Trevor Taylor they landed the Heineken sponsored Open Pairs at Carlisle last weekend.

There was good news for the England Under 25 team as they secured the Under 25 International series played at County Antrim. England started off with a hard fought 74-68 win over Wales before a comfortable 93-54 win over the hosts Ireland, in the auld enemy clash England had to come from behind to defeat Scotland 80-78 and secure a third straight series success and an 11th title overall.

There was some sad news for the Houghton Dairy Lane club and the local bowls scene this week as Albert Rodgerson (81) sadly passed away, Albert had been a member at Dairy Lane since 1971 and was the respected old statesman of the club, during his playing days he was a much respected player and was a popular figure not only in Sunderland but also around the county and will be sadly missed, a service takes place at Sunderland Crematorium on Friday March 2 at 11am.            

17th February 2018 - HOUGHTON LADIES WOE

In the latest round of ladies Inter club fixtures Houghton ladies were beaten 88-54 by Durham, at Houghton Ellen Faith’s rink of Joan Watt, Evelyn Barkes and Susan Forster were in dominate form as they ran out impressive 31-11 winners over Eileen Horan however that was only good enough to get an overall draw at home as S.Richardson, Doreen Fenwick, Brenda Robson and Jenny Smith succumbed to a 27-7 loss against Anne Bernard to leave the home points split 2-2. At Durham again it was a tale of two rinks, Norma Stephenson’s quartet of Maureen Hall, Elizabeth Morris and Audrey Vout saw a 10-3 lead slip away against J.Piggford to eventually lose 13-12 while it was a long afternoon for Florence Phythian’s rink of Margaret Metcalf, Eleanor Barron and Joan Baker as they went down 37-4 which sealed a 50-16 defeat for the away squad, overall points wise Durham ran out 8-2 winners, Houghton face Great Aycliffe next on March 14.

It has been a disappointment season for the three Houghton senior squads as victories have been at a premium with only Sancroft notching a win to date, with only pride to play for all three return to action this week. On Tuesday in Area 2 Houghton Gilpin complete their campaign at home against bottom of the table South Shields; although at present Gilpin are still a man short. Despite both teams yet to notch a win this season Gilpin will avoid bottom spot if they avoid a 5-0 loss. Last season Houghton Sancroft reached the play off’s however they have found things tough going this time around but will fancy their chances of an away win on Wednesday when they head through the Tyne tunnel to face bottom of the group The Parks B. On Thursday Houghton Kepier will also look for their first win of the season as they host play off chasing The Parks A.     

Houghton Kepier v The Parks A (Thursday 1230 at Houghton)
S.Barnes, P.Taylor, W.Barkes, F.Kell, P.Hicks, D.Armstrong, K.Hembrough, R.Patinson, A.Grimes, W.Wells, A.Glover, B.Johnson

Houghton Sancroft v Parks B (Wednesday 10am at The Parks)
P.Thomson (snr), R.Usher, T.Joicey, F.Froud, G.Brown, A.Wood, D.Wright, J.Jones, J.Sutherland, B.Race, D.Sim, TW.Todd

Houghton Gilpin v South Shields team to be confirmed (Tuesday 1230 at Houghton)

Latest Seniors Standings
Area 1 – Darlington 7-29½, Great Aycliffe 6-20½, Spennymoor 7-17, Durham 7-8, Shildon 5-5
Area 2 – Hartlepool A 6-27, Darlington B 7-27, Ferryhill 7-22, Houghton Gilpin 7-7, South Shields 7-2
Area 3 – Stanley 6-27, South Shields 7-23½, Gateshead A 6-15½, Houghton Sancroft 6-12, Parks B 6-1
Area 4 – Hartlepool B 7-30, Parks A 7-21½, Durham B 5-14, Gateshead B 6-6½, Houghton Kepier 5-3

Latest Men’s Inter County Standings
Division One - Hartlepool 4-29½, Durham A 3-26, Gateshead B 3-22, Houghton Gilpin 4-18, Houghton Kepier 5-16½, The Parks 4-11, Darlington 3-7

Next  round of fixtures March 4 - Darlington v Houghton Gilpin, Gateshead B v Durham, Hartlepool v The Parks

Division Two – Gt Aycliffe 5-35, South Shields 3-26, Gateshead A 3-21, Stanley 3-15, Dunelm 4-14, Ferryhill 3-9, Shildon 3-0 
Next round of fixtures March 4 - Great Aycliffe v Gateshead A, Stanley v Shildon, Dunelm v South Shields

The Durham County senior’s hopes of retaining their Midland Seniors league crown are still alive after a 21-1 win at York over Nottinghamshire, leaders Yorkshire had a cracking 22-0 win at Tamworth over Warwickshire but they have now completed their fixtures. Durham can retain the title if they collect all 22 points in their final game at Doncaster against Warwickshire on March 8.

Midlands Seniors League
Yorkshire 5-93, Durham 4-72, Lincolnshire 4-36, Notts 4-29, Warwickshire 3-22, Leicestershire 3-8

The County champion of champions competitions have progressed to the latter stages, this year’s finals will take place at Hartlepool on March 24/25 with the seniors taking place at Darlington on March 7/8. In the singles South Shield’s David Bolt’s hopes of retaining the title are still on track but will need will need to get past Gateshead’s Mark Smith to set up a juicy final against Stanley’s Brett Arkley. Aycliffe’s Barry Attwood will face either Hartlepool’s Albert Ward or Gateshead’s Mark Smith in the Pairs final. In the triples semi finals South Shield’s Ian McIntosh will go head to head against Stanley’s Bret Arkley for a final spot against Darlington’s Martin Lynch while the fours semi final line up is as follows – J.Hutchinson (Durham) v B.Attwood (Aycliffe), P.Hartley (Hartlepool) v B.Arkley (Stanley).
In the Seniors South Shield’s Bobby Graham will need to beat Stanley’s Gordon Dews to book a place in the final against Ferryhill’s Alan Hinds while the final of the pairs will be between Aycliffe’s Fred Edwards and Stanley’s Dave Webb. The triples is still at the semi final stage – D.Webb (Stanley) v B.Poulter (Gateshead), W.Dixon (Shildon) v J.Holmes (Darlington), like wise the fours is also at the semi finals stage – D.Christie (Durham) v B.Cooper (Darlington), W.Maddison (Shildon) v B.Hutchinson (Great Aycliffe). The Junior sponsored Doshi Pairs is still running, J.Halcrow (Hartlepool) v J.Harston (Darlington), K.Donkin(Shileds) v A.Porter (Darlington) 

With the majority of the national competitions down to the area finals there has been limited action this week, in the pair’s southern semi final Hartlepool’s Paul Hartley booked another area final place after a 23-16 win over club mate Albert Ward, in the area final Hartley will face Durham’s Mark Higgins. Hartlepool’s Dale Oram secured an area final spot in the Over 50’s Triples after a 15-6 win over club mate Albert Ward, in the area final Oram will face either Stanley’s Brett Arkley or West Denton’s Peter Duffy. Gateshead’s Brian Orrell had a cracking 21-7 win in the Two Bowl singles to reach the area final, Hartlepool’s Paul Hartley will provide the opposition which will be the lads fourth area final this season.  

Area Finals
Singles– GR.Smith (Durham) v P.Hartley (Hartlepool) 
Pairs– M.Higgins (Durham) v P.Hartley (Hartlepool)
Triples - G.Farquhar (Shields) v P.Mosley (Hartlepool)
Fours– G.Farquhar (Shields) v P.Hartley (Hartlepool) 
Two Bowl Singles - P.Hartley (Hartlepool) v B.Orrell (Gateshead)

Over 60’s Singles
Northern Section –R.Richardson (Gateshead) v B.Orrell (Gateshead) 
Southern Section – P.Barion (Aycliffe ) v J.Selley (Redcar) 

Over 60’s Pairs Area Final - B.Houghton (Stanley) or B.Poulter (Gateshead) v W.Edwards (Aycliffe)
Over 50’s Triples Area Final - B.Arkley (Stanley) or P.Duffy (West Denton) v D.Oram (Hartlepool)
Over 60’s Fours Area Final – W.Ferry (Shields) or B.Harris (Stanley) v M.Hagon (Hartlepool 

Family Pairs
Northern Section – M.Higgins (Durham) v S.McIntosh (Shields)
Southern Section – B.Mosley (Thornaby) v J.Forcer (Hartlepool)

The final stages of both national Mixed competitions take place at Loddon Vale next Friday through to Monday and it could provide a double for Hartlepool’s Lauren and Paul Mosley as they have qualified in both the mixed pairs and mixed fours. In the Mixed fours the Mosley’s are joined by Bev and John Lynch, on Friday they face a last sixteen tie against Wellingborough’s former England internationalist Paul Broderick. In the Mixed Pairs the Mosley combination face City of Ely’s newly crowned WIBC Junior singles champion Ed Elmore in the last sixteen.

10th February 2018 - INTER CLUB WOE FOR HOUGHTON

Both Houghton squads went into last weekend’s round of Inter County fixtures needing victories to keep any relegation fears at bay, however both were beaten with Kepier now odds on to drop into the second division. Houghton Gilpin faced defending champions and current leaders Hartlepool and despite a spirited performance they went down 74-66. At Houghton both home rinks returned winning cards, Mal Baker, Jules Biggerstaff, David Wright and Bryan Henderson (snr) snatched a last end double to beat Matty Ray 16-14 while Michael Noble, Jack Scullion, Ronnie Robson and Alan J Dunn looked down and out trailing 18-10 with only five ends left against Dale Oram however a full house eight on the 19th end helped Dunn get home 22-20, which also secured all four points at home 38-34. Down the A19 both Gilpin squads went down, Joe Sutherland, David Armstrong, Ian Whorlton and John Jones were left thinking what might have been, a treble on the 18th end against Keith Wilford pushed Jones 17-14 ahead however any thoughts of a point were dashed over the remaining three ends as Wilford scored on them all to leave Jones 19-17 down. The other rink of Keith Waterson, Ian Fairweather, Freddie Fletcher and Frankie Froud came up against an inspired Jimmy Ainger and went down 21-11 to leave the away squad 13 shots adrift and leave Gilpin on the end of a  harsh 8-4 scoreline, Gilpin face Darlington next on March 4.

It was always going to be a big ask for Houghton Kepier as they had to beat unbeaten Durham to have any chance of avoiding the drop into the second division, sadly Kepier were well beaten 94-58. At Houghton the only bright spot came from the rink of Tony Grimes, Charlie Wallace, Barney Walsh and Terry Todd who were always ahead against Jackie Hutchinson and deservedly ran out 18-10 winners, the other rink of Pat Collins, Peter Thomson (snr) and Stevie Tindale never recovered from an early dropped five against Russell Bewick and were blown away 35-10 which left the home squad 45-28 down. At Durham the events at Houghton were repeated, Eric Downes, Karl Armstrong, Trevor Joicey and Peter Thomson (jnr) went from 5-2 down to lead Dave Christie 12-5, despite getting pegged back to 12-11 the Thomson quartet kept at it and a good four on the 18th end pushed them 18-13 ahead, Thomson avoided a last end scare when Christie missed with his final bowl for a possible five to snatch a draw to leave Thomson 19-18 up. The other rink of George Brown, Richard Thorpe, Alan Patterson and Richie Mckie had a long afternoon as they were thumped 31-10 by Malcolm Robinson to leave the away squad 49-30 down, points wise Kepier only collected a couple of rink points which barring a miracle will not be enough to see them drop to the second division, the batted squad have a bye next.

In the Seniors league Houghton Gilpin’s search for their first win of the season continues after a heavy loss at Ferryhill where all three rinks were well beaten, the best of the three saw Eric Downes, A.Ross, P.Robinson and D.Scott  lose 17-9 to Colin Larcombe MBE. The rink of Ron Leonard, S.Duell, Peter Noble and Ronnie Robson were beaten 24-7 by R.Seymour and the remaining rink of Keith Waterson, M.Walker, D.Robson and Richard Thorpe suffered a 27-7 loss at the hands of R.Jefferson, overall it was a 5-0 45 shot defeat.   The Houghton squads final chance of notching a win this season will be a home tie against play off chasing South Shields. The Houghton Kepier seniors are in action on Friday as they also look to record a first win as they head to Durham (1230 start).

Houghton ladies return to Inter Club action on Wednesday as they face a Valentines clash against Durham (1230 start)
At Houghton – J.Watt, E.Barkes, S.Forster, E.Faith, S.Richardson, D.Fenwick, B.Robson, JB.Smith
At Durham – M.Metcalf, E.Barren, J.Baker, F.Phythian, M.Hall, E.Morris, A.Vout, N.Stephenson

Week 10 of the Seniors Premier league takes place at Darlington on Thursday (1230) with both Houghton squads in action. The Houghtonians face leaders Gateshead A while Houghton A face Ferryhill B.
Houghtonians – P.Thomson (snr), R.Thorpe, F.Froud
Houghton A – J.Sutherland, F.Fletcher, TW.Todd

The Durham County Seniors have a crunch Midlands league game at York on Thursday as they take on Nottinghamshire, with 22 points on offer Durham are currently 20 points behind leaders Yorkshire who are facing Warwickshire at Tamworth also on Thursday, Durham need to at least match Yorkshires points return to keep any hopes alive of retaining there title.

There was some local success in the latest Open Singles Circuit event, sixty four players competed for the £750 first prize at Worksop and in the end South Shield’s David Bolt (pictured) took the title. An opening 4-7,8-3,2-1 tie breaker win over Andy Smith sent up a clash against Durham’s Gary Smith, it was the Shield’s lad who came out on top in straight sets 6-4,10-4 which was followed by a last sixteen straight sets 8-1,6-4 win over Andy Clipston. In the quarters a third straight sets win 7-4,7-2 over David Tooley set up a semi final against Martin Shepherd, Bolt booked his final spot with a 2-1 tie breaker before cruising to the title with a comfortable 13-0, 8-1 win over David Bairstow. With the top thirty two ranked players guaranteed a place at the Grand Finals weekend Bolt has jumped straight into 24th spot however with a busy few months ahead restricting his chances of entering few events the Shields star will need a decent return in his only other entry at the Shields end of season event to have any chance of a top thirty two place.

There has been plenty of action in the local stages of this seasons national competitions, in the singles South Shield’s Stewart Hubbard’s smashing run came to an end at Durham as Gary Smith ran out a 21-12 winner to set up an area final against Hartlepool’s Paul Hartley. In the north section of the pairs the Durham duo of Brian Henderson and Mark Higgins booked an area final place with a last end 20-18 win over South Shield’s Josh Minto and Chris Yeomans, the Durham pair will face the winners of the all Hartlepool south semi final affair between Albert Ward and Paul Hartley. The all Shield’s triples northern semi final saw Gary Farquhar defeat Stewart Hubbard 21-18, in the area final Farquhar will face Hartlepool’s Paul Mosley who received a walk over against Redcar’s Richie Hudson. The fours area final will be another Shields v Hartlepool clash, in the north semi final Gary Farquhar won a high scoring 28-18 tie against Houghton’s Peter Thomson to set up a final against Paul Hartley. There was disappointment in the area final for the Shield’s duo of Jackie Stewart Tallack and David Bolt as they were beaten 18-14 by Lauren and Paul Mosley, the Hartlepool duo have already qualified in the mixed fours and both events take place at Loddon Vale in two weeks time. In the Over 60’s pairs an all Stanley area semi final saw Brian Houghton defeat Brian Harris 15-14 while Hartlepool’s Dale Oram progressed with a 19-13 win at Aycliffe against Barry Attwood. In the Over 60’s fours South Shield’s Billy Ferry eased to a 21-6 win at Houghton over Michael Wrights quartet, Ferry will next entertain Stanley’s Brian Harris in the area semi final with the winner taking on Hartlepool’s M.Hagon. In the Two bowl singles Hartlepool’s Jonathon Forcer received a third consecutive walk over before going down 21-9 to club mate Paul Hartley, in the area final Hartley will face either Gateshead’s Brian Orrell or West Denton’s Michael Bennett.

The latter stages of this seasons national champion of champions were played at the Warner Leisure resort, in the men’s event Stanley’s Brett Arkley (pictured) had a comfortable 21-4 last sixteen win over Folkestone’s Lee Calver before coming unstuck in the last eight 21-17 at the hands of Whiteknights Robert Newman, the title eventually went to Exonia’s Jamie Chestney who did in fact beat Newman 21-17 in the final. In the ladies equivalent Durham’s Anne Bernard narrowly lost her last sixteen opener 21-120 to Folkestone’s Leah Bamford, the title went to the current indoor world champion Ipswich’s Katherine Rednall.   


Latest Draws

Area Final – GR.Smith (Durham) v P.Hartley (Hartlepool)

Latest Pairs Draw
Area Final  – M.Higgins (Durham) v P.Hartley (Hartlepool) or A.Ward (Hartlepool) 

Latest Triples Draw 
North Section – G.Farquhar (Shields) v P.Mosley (Hartlepool)

Latest Fours Draw 
Area Final  – G.Farquhar (Shields) v P.Hartley (Hartlepool)

Mixed Pairs Qualifier - P.Mosley (Hartlepool)
Mixed Fours Qualifier -  P.Mosley (Hartlepool)

Over 60’S Singles
Northern Section –R.Richardson (Gateshead) v B.Orrell (Gateshead)
Southern Section – P.Barion (Aycliffe ) v J.Selley (Redcar)

Over 60’s Pairs
Northern Section – B.Houghton (Stanley)v B.Poulter (Gateshead)
Southern Section – AL.Ward (Hartlepool) v W.Edwards (Aycliffe)

Over 50’s Triples
Northern Section – B.Arkley (Stanley) v P.Duffy (West Denton)
Southern Section – D.Oram (Hartlepool) v AL.Ward (Hartlepool) or K.Weallans (Ferryhill)

Over 60’s Fours
Area Final – W.Ferry (Shields) or B.Harris (Stanley) v M.Hagon (Hartlepool

Two Bowl Singles
Area Final  -  P.Hartley (Hartlepool) v B.Orrell (Gateshead) or M.Bennett (West Denton)

Family Pairs
Northern Section – M.Higgins (Durham) v S.McIntosh (Shields)
Southern Section – B.Mosley (Thornaby) v J.Forcer (Hartlepool)

3rd February 2018 - SHIELDS TOP CLUB WIN

The latest round in this season’s Top club national competition took place last Sunday as South Shields locked horns with Great Aycliffe, despite missing their talisman David Bolt in the mixed pairs the Shields squad yet again stepped up to the mark and ran out impressive 12-4 (77-68) winners. In the ladies 18 end two bowl singles Nina Riches (pictured) got Shields off to a winner start as the newly selected international reserve maintained her unbeaten run with a cracking 14-12 win over S.Young, a second win was quickly notched as Ian McIntosh defeated Jordan Hartson14-7 in the men’s two bowl. The other three ties were all tight affairs, in the mixed triples Phil Dixon, Ann Upsall and Ian Riches held on for a 18-17 win over Matthew Gleeson while Karen Paterson, Pam Carlin, Stewart Hubbard and Shaun McIntosh beat D.McDonald 16-14 in the mixed fours. The only loss came in the mixed pairs as Bolts replacement Gary Farquhar skipped Jackie Stewart Tallack to a narrow 19-15 loss against Barry Attwood. In the Quarter finals Shields will face Nottingham on April 15.

The Inter County league resumes tomorrow with both Houghton squads needing positive results, Houghton Gilpin have a big ask as they take on defending champions Hartlepool, after the comedy of errors in the ir last game against The Parks the Gilpin squad will be looking to bounce back. Meanwhile of the two squads on show Houghton Kepier are more desperate for a result however an unbeaten Durham outfit will be a tough nut to crack, both games start at 2pm
Houghton Gilpin v Hartlepool
At Houghton – M.Baker, J.Biggerstaff, D.Wright, B.Henderson (snr), M.Noble, J.Scullion, R.Robson, AJ.Dunn
At Hartlepool – K.Waterson, I.Fairweather, F.Fletcher, F.Froud, TBC, D.Armstrong, I.Whorlton, J.Jones

Houghton Kepier v Durham
At Houghton – P.Collins, A.Wood, P.Thomson (snr), S.Tindale, A.Grimes, C.Wallace, B.Walsh, TW.Todd
At Durham – E.Downes, G.Brown, T.Joicey, P.Thomson (jnr), M.Wright, R.Thorpe, A.Patterson, R.Mckie

Latest League Standings
Division 1 – Hartlepool 3-23½, Gateshead B 3-22, Houghton Gilpin 4-20, Duham A 2-18, Houghton Kepier 4-14½,  The Parks 4-11, Darlington 3-7
Division 2 – South Shields 3-26, Gt Aycliffe 3-16, Gateshead A 2-11, Dunelm 3-11, Stanley 2-8, Ferryhill 2-8, Shildon 1-0

On Wednesday in the Seniors league Houghton Gilpin will attempt to notch their first win of the season as they head to Ferryhill, the other two Houghton squads have a bye.

At Ferryhill (10.30am) – K.Waterson, MJ.Walker, D.Robson, R.Thorpe, E.Downes, A.Ross, P.Robinson, D.Scott, R.Leonard, P.Noble, TBC, R.Robson.

Latest Standings
Area 1 – Darlington 6-24½, Great Aycliffe 6-20½, Spennymoor 6-16, Shildon 4-5, Durham 6-4
Area 2 – Darlington B 7-27, Hartlepool A 6-27, Ferryhill 6-17, Houghton Gilpin 6-7, South Shields 7-2
Area 3 – Stanley 5-23, South Shields 6-18½, Gateshead A 6-15½, Houghton Sancroft 6-12, Parks B 5-1
Area 4 – Hartlepool B 7-30, Parks A 6-17½, Durham B 4-13, Gateshead B 6-6½, Houghton Kepier 5-3

Latest Standings in the Top Ten League
Durham 4-30, Darlington 4-28, Houghton 5-18, Ferryhill 4-17, Stanley 3-7

Latest Standings in the Seniors Premier League
Stanley A 6-10, Gateshead A 6-10, Darlington B 6-8, Gateshead B 7-8, Ferryhill B 6-8, Houghtonians 7-6, Stanley B 5-4, Durham 5-4, Houghton A 5-4, Darlington A 7-4, Ferryhill A 6-0      

There has been more action in the local stages of this seasons national competitions, in the pairs the area south semi final line up has been confirmed after Hartlepool’s Albert Ward eased to a 20-9 win at Ferryhill against Alan Hind, in the semi final Ward will face club mate Paul Hartley. In the triples north section the all Shields affair between Dave Paterson and Gary Farquhar resulted in a 23-11 Farquhar win which sets up another all Shields affair against Stewart Hubbard in the semi finals. In the south section Hartlepool’s Paul Mosley booked a semi final tie against Redcar’s Richie Hudson after Mosley defeated Redcar’s Paul Bostock 18-6. In the fours south section Hartlepool’s Glenn Skipp cruised to a 25-12 win at Redcar over Paul Bostock before going down in the semi final to club mate Paul Hartley 17-10. The area final of the mixed fours saw the Hartlepool quartet of Bev Lynch, Lauren Mosley, John Lynch and Paul Mosley book a place at the national finals after defeating South Shield’s Gary Farquhar 16-14, in the last sixteen played at Loddon Vale Mosley will face Wellingborough’s Paul Broderick on Friday February 23. The Over 60’s singles north section semi final will be an all Gateshead affair between Ronnie Richardson and Brian Orrell, in the quarter finals Richardson ended South Shield’s Alan Lawton’s run with a 21-18 win while Orrell received a walk over from Shields Ebby Dent. There was more Gateshead success this time in the Over 60’s pairs when Brian Poulter edged past club mate Brian Orrell 19-17 to book a trip to Stanley in the northern semi final. There was extra end heartache for Houghton’s David Armstrong in the Over 50 triples, Armstrong went down 15-14 at home to West Denton’s Peter Duffy, in the semi final Duffy will head to Stanley to face Brett Arkley who strolled to a 17-1 win over Gateshead’s Brian Orrell. In the Two Bowl singles there was double disappointment for Shields, firstly Neal Ridley’s cracking run came to an end at West Denton 21-18 against Michael Bennett and then David Bolt went down 21-19 at Gateshead against Brian Orrell. In the Family pairs Houghton’s Patrick & Peter Thomson went out 17-6 at Durham against Carl & Mark Higgins while South Shield’s Ian & Shaun McIntosh crushed West Denton’s Martin Rogan 32-5, the two winners now go head to head in the northern semi final.

Latest Singles Draw
Area Final – GR.Smith (Durham) or S.Hubbard (Shields) v P.Hartley (Hartlepool)

Latest Pairs Draw
North Section – M.Higgins (Durham) v  J.Minto
South Section – P.Hartley (Hartlepool) v  A.Ward (Hartlepool) 

Latest Triples Draw 
North Section – G.Farquhar (Shields) v S.Hubbard (Shields)
South Section – P.Mosley (Hartlepool) v R.Hudson  (Redcar)

Latest Fours Draw 
Area Final  – G.Farquhar (Shields) or P.Thomson (Houghton) v P.Hartley (Hartlepool)

Mixed Pairs Area Final  at Aycliffe (Monday February 5 at 6.30pm) – P.Mosley (Hartlepool)  v D.Bolt (Shields)
Mixed Fours Qualifier -  P.Mosley (Hartlepool)

Over 60’S Singles
Northern Section –R.Richardson (Gateshead) v B.Orrell (Gateshead)
Southern Section – P.Barion (Aycliffe ) v J.Selley (Redcar)

Over 60’s Pairs
Northern Section – B.Houghton (Stanley) or B.Harris (Stanley) v B.Poulter (Gateshead)
Southern Section – AL.Ward (Hartlepool) v W.Edwards (Aycliffe)

Over 50’s Triples
Northern Section – B.Arkley (Stanley) v P.Duffy (West Denton)
Southern Section – B.Attwood (Aycliffe) v D.Oram (Hartlepool), AL.Ward (Hartlepool) v K.Weallans (Ferryhill)

Over 60’s Fours
Northern Section – M.Wright (Houghton) v W.Ferry (Shields), E.Henry (Stanley) v B.Harris (Stanley)
Southern Section – A.Ingledew (Shildon) v M.Hagon (Hartlepool

Tow Bowl Singles
Northern Section – B.Orrell (Gateshead) v M.Bennett (West Denton)
Southern Section -  J.Forcer (Hartlepool) or A.Jones (Redcar) v P.Hartley (Hartlepool)

Fmaily Pairs
Northern Section – M.Higgins (Durham) v S.McIntosh (Shields)
Southern Section – B.Mosley (Thornaby) v J.Forcer (Hartlepool)

The Under 25 singles final stages were held at the City of Ely club last weekend, sadly West Denton’s Aaron Robson’s dream of a national title were ended with a last sixteen straight sets loss to Riverain’s newly capped England Under 25 player Glenn Williams, the eventual winner was St Neots Jamie Barker.

The Durham County seniors kept up their hopes of retaining the Midland Senior league title with a comfortable 81 shot win over Lincolnshire at York. The pick of the Durham rinks was Graham Peacock (Darlington), Malcolm Robinson (Durham), Brian Houghton (Stanley) and David Webb (Stanley) who romped to a 38-3 win. The 20-2 points return leaves Durham second in the table twenty points behind leaders Yorkshire but with a game in hand over the leaders, Durham face another trip to York on February 15 where Nottinghamshire will provide the opposition.

South Shields are planning to run another Classic Open Pairs competition, the two day event will be restricted to thirty two pairs, pairs will be guaranteed six games for an entry fee of £33, the Coast Road Garage & Molston Coors sponsored competition will take place on Saturday March 3 & Sunday March 4 with a first prize of £500. The Shield’s club will also host another round of the Open Singles Circuit on April 22 & 23, entries are now being taken with the entry fee £17.50 and a first prize of £750.

This weekend several local players will head to Worksop looking for ranking points and the £750 first prize as the latest Open Singles Circuit event takes place, Durham’s Gary Smith faces Jason Norris and Michael Laydon faces Andy Clipston, five  Shields  lads are in action James Sneller plays Paul Oke, Josh Minto v Lee Rowland, Josh Halcrow v Ashley Clipston, Paul Sainthouse v Pete Gilliver and David Bolt v Andy Smith, Gateshead’s Alec Bryden plays Wendy Brown.

At the indoor World Championships it was a successful week for Blackpool’s Mark Dawes (pictured left), first he led in for Jamie Chestney to take the pairs and then topped it off by securing the singles title for the first time. Over the length of the tournament Dawes has been on fire and deservedly landed the top prize, in a cracking final Dawes held off Devon’s Robert Paxton 8-7,6-7, 2-0 - a special mention to beaten semi finalist Norfolk’s Wayne Willgress (pictured right) who was like a breath of fresh air. This was the 20th year that the Potters resort has played hosts to the biggest indoor competition on the calendar and without doubt the venue has become a major part of the game and although the the stands aren’t full for the early rounds the latter stages are sell outs, with the game having progressed to coloured clothing, coloured bowls, a blue carpet and a sets format ideal for TV the next step needs to be a bit of atmosphere within the arena both in the stands and from the players on the green to create a more attractive TV viewing experience. Meanwhile both the Potters resort and the BBC have agreed a new three year deal to host and cover the event until 2021 which will extend the BBC’s 39 year relationship with the sport.































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